The Napco Range of Products is no longer distributed in the Southern and Eastern Cape by Powerhouse East Cape

New Boy on the block:

Powerhouse East Cape serves the Eastern and Southern Cape

Aggresive Marketing

Feature for Feature, price for price, we will not be beaten. Creative payment strategies and a genuine partnership from a company with years of experience in installing and running alarm companies.


Passive Infra Red Specials

The PIR1500/1510 is the Most Economical PIR Sensor Featuring ASIC Technology for High Reliability. R57.75 ea. for bulk purchase of over 50

Transformer Specials

16 VAC 30VA Transformer in aesthetically pleasing housing with indicator LED and 15A red top plug. SABS Approved. R62.70 ea. for purchase of 5 or more.


Powerhouse East Cape

Welcome to Powerhouse East Cape. We supply the Southern and Eastern Cape with Napco Products, such as magnetic contacts, entry level digital control panels, LCD driven partitionable and expandable control panels and communicators, passive infra red detectors, dual tech sensors, wireless control panels, fire detection systems, batteries, transformers and power packs.

Alarm Control Panels

The modern day burglar has become increasingly sophisticated and we are
constantly two steps ahead of this wily character.

Choose from 4 to 255 zone digital alarm control panels that are wired or wireless.

Our two ranges are the entry level (in price only) Napco Express and the Gemini
Range of alarm control panels.

Burglar Alarm Sensors

There are two basic type of sensors: Mechanical and Electronic.

Mechanical Sensors are normally the various magnetic switches that are attached to opening doors, garage doors and windows.

Electronic Sensors are mainly Passive Infra Red Detectors (or as they are more
commonly called - Movement Sensors), Acoustic (or Glassbreak) Detectors, Smoke (or Heat) Sensors. Passive Infra Red Sensors (PIR's) measure the change in temperature within their field of view, they can also be microwave or volumetric or a combination
of two different technologies