MPWS Construction  offers unique and comprehensive services that are convenient and cost effective. MPWS construction provide value added services with a broad spectrum of skills incorporating, Building related, Plumbing and Electrical

We provide a broad range of services housed under one roof combined with professionalism, skills and prompt service levels and so much more.


MPWS Construction

A company history steeped in integrity

MPWS Construction provides integrated solutions to residential and commercial properties in all major cities in South Africa. We are client focussed and offer 24/7 support services to all our valued customers. The company has two – year’s tradition of integrity, quality, and excellence in the construction industry.

MPWS construction is a black woman owned entity established in 2006 by young dynamic black entrepreneurs (Mpho Munyai and Windy Munyai).The duo decided to bring skilled technicians and artisans together and establish a company that would be truly black owned yet able to distinguish itself with reliable, efficient, and quality service.

Mission Statement

MPWS Construction builds and maintains long-term relationships with its clients through the supply of superior quality services.


MPWS Construction strives to meet individualized client needs through the provision of quality and cost effective service. The company's efficient time and information management systems also assist in ensuring that projects are completed within budget and on time. MPWS Construction pledges to uphold the objectives of improving the skills of its employees so as to enable good service delivery and loyalty of our staff.
Built with a clear vision of the future
MPWS Construction is a performance –driven company guided by a clear vision of the future. Through a sprit of partnership with owners and subcontractors, we hire the best people for a project to ensure the highest quality construction services.

We are a builders, leaders, and translators whose job is to bring a building to life. Interconnections make the process happen: between our client and the team, between architect and contractor, and in the relationship of every design detail to the whole.

An expertly managed construction project links technology with performance, and craftsmanship with quality and cost control. By forging and strengthening these links, we create service of lasting value - service that meets our own expectations, while responding with precision to yours.

Every MPWS Construction experience is used to reduce costs without lowering quality. Because we combine cost savings and top-of-the-line value building with personal service, pre-job planning, quick response time, and creative problem solving, it's easy to understand why clients rely on MPWS Construction to manage complex projects.

The success of our projects comes from establishing, developing and maintaining close relationships with our main contractors and clients. We are continually looking to offer better service to guarantee that our clients receive the best that our team can offer. We ask for your best.


Building Services:

Building Related include but not limited to the following:
• Alterations or Home improvements
• Paving
• Tiling
• Painting

Plumbing Services

Plumbing services
• Geyser installation and repairs
• Preventative, maintenance and Inspection of all plumbing related

Electrical Services

• Installation
• And maintenance

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