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Magnum Security Alarms - an example of the passive ifre red detectors and alarm control panels installed by us.


Installation of Security Systems, remote doors, CCTV, intercom systems, car alarms and repairs to all alarms. We specialise in perimeter protection. Be alerted to an intruder before he has gained access to your home.

Magnum Security Alarms Safety Tips

The following safety tips are based on the observations and experience of our security experts. We trust you’ll find them useful.

Awareness - Don’t get caught unawares. Monitor your surroundings at all times and be on the lookout for possible danger. Be casually aware, not paranoid, of people around you.

Instinct - Obey your "sixth sense", no matter how silly it may seem. If you return home from work and sense danger, do Not enter! Rather phone a relative, friend or your security company. Better safe than sorry!

Don’t Trust Anybody - Do not employ, or even open your doors to, strangers. Do not feed vagrants.

Foil Burglars - Create the impression that your home contains nothing worth stealing; Make it impossible to tell if your home is occupied; Make it appear too difficult to break in to be worthwhile.

Lines of Defense - The more of these you have in place the better. Lines of defence include boundary walls or fences, lockable gates, reinforced inner doors, burglar bars, watch dogs, an alarm with panic buttons and Magnum Security Alarms armed reaction service.

“Safe Room’’ - This is your last line of defense and an absolute Must in your home. A “safe room’’ is a secure room into which you can retreat and summon help. It should contain the following items: a first aid kit, a flashlight with fresh batteries, a cell phone and charger, a fire extinguisher, your firearm safe (if you own a firearm), some form of weapon to defend yourself while the police or Magnum armed response service is on the way and a panic button to your alarm company.

Wise Up - Your knowledge and personal sills can save lives. Take a class in self-defense, first aid, fire fighting or awareness training.

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